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The first step when it comes to remodeling an old house is to survey needs. It is necessary to have a clear notion that the rehabilitation of an old house requires special care, not only for its functional and constructive characteristics, but also for the maintenance of its aesthetics. With this in mind, a detailed and specialized assessment of the condition of the property should be carried out, which should include any degradation states, failures of mandatory resolution, areas of most urgent intervention and respective solutions. 

For this step to be taken without fail, you should not fail to ask for help from experts in the field. Only then will you be sure of the real needs of rehabilitation of the house , as well as it will be easier to prioritize the work to be developed. 

Types of works 

There are several types of works regarding the remodeling of old houses, types that are even typified by Portuguese legislation: 

– Small spatial reorganization works: in this case, we are talking about changes that do not affect the location, the number of compartments in more than one, the shape or dimension of the stairs, the size of the interior corridor, the number of rooms or the number of floors. We can say that they are the most ‘simple’ types of work;

– Works of great spatial reorganization:  these already bring substantial changes to the property and practically all of them need special authorizations to be carried out; 

– Expansion works:  the third type results in an increase in the implantation area, in the total construction area, in the height of the facade or in the volume of an existing building;

– Reconstruction works: finally, these types of works are those that result from a total or partial demolition of the building in which it is necessary to reconstruct its structure and facade.


Taking into account the type of works, it may or may not be necessary to obtain certain licenses, at the risk of incurring very large fines and even the obligation to destroy everything you have done so far and are not licensed. In a summarized and global way, the thought must be the following: everything that involves alterations of the facade, exterior or structural elements, requires a previous license application. 

In the case of talking about interior works (including some demolitions that do not alter the exterior façade), it is only necessary to inform the regulatory authority. However, so that there are no doubts, before starting the remodeling, make an appointment at the municipal services of your residence so that you do not have unpleasant surprises.


Costs are a very important chapter when it comes to remodeling your old house – after all, it is necessary to keep in mind how much we have available to spend and how much we need to complete all our ideas for changes and recoveries. When choosing the company to proceed with the work, you must take into account the prices charged. 

There is even an ordinance published by the Constitutional Governmentwhere the standard costs of rehabilitation works are defined, which serve as a ‘guide’ to evaluate more accurately the different budgets you receive. 

As an example, the installation of a photovoltaic panel can cost about 40 euros per square meter, the installation of a centralized heating or cooling system is around 300 euros and general works in interiors with changing partitions may cost 200 euros a square meter.

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